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Review: Helen Kennedy-Thomas (Author of Brighter Tomorrows)
"I was fascinated by this young author's ability to tie together scriptures, background information, the donkey's perspective and personal experiences into an interesting and enjoyable read. I've been a Bible student and an avid reader for many years and I have never encountered written materials with more clarity for readers of all ages than these that keith presented in his book. It was not only interesting but enlightening; plus he write with spiritual warmth and humor. This book has great possibilities for personal reading, class materials, small group settings and sermons. I am looking forward to more books on new materials done in his fresh reader-friendly style."

Review: Veronica Boren
"I am also a teacher and I enjoy digging further into God's Word to find the things He wants me to learn. I was delighted to find that experience in this book. I read through it quickly, making note of pages to go back and study. I was engaged from the first page to the last. In fact, I just ordered paperback versions for five of my best friends. Thank you, Keith. This literary gift has given me new material to study and that brings me GREAT joy. "

WordCrafts Press Release
Veteran Bible teacher Keith Alexis has signed with WordCrafts Press for the release of his first book. The whimsically titled Donkey Tales is set to release mid-December, 2013. (read the full article)


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